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Weekly Round-up 4-7-17

I hope everyone is getting their stride in the Q2 of 2017. Below are a few stories and sites that were making the rounds this week.

Mobile and the 2017 Developer Survey Results

The World Wide Web, Not the Wealthy Western Web

What’s AMP’s place in the web development ecosystem? You Don’t Get AMP

When people talk about AMP, they’re talking about one of several things, and if somebody’s feelings about AMP are surprising it’s probably because they’re not thinking about the same “AMP” you are.

Why designing for the appearance of speed is important

The jury has spoken: performance, conversion, and brand engagement are inextricably connected. Amazon has shown that each 100ms of latency costs them 1% in sales. Walmart chalks up an extra 2% conversions with every second of performance improvement. Any online shopper will tell you that faster is better than slower – but is speed as simple as the shortest distance from point A to B?

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