This pie tastes delicious

You may be asking why someone would be talking about pie on a business-ish blog.

It’s a healthy serving of humble pie.

I recently ran across a YouTube video titled “Don’t let your website rot.” That’s precisely what I have done here. I think the last post was from 2018. The post was promoting an Alexa Skill I created to syndicate these blog posts. It still works and is still relevant. Check it out if you’re interested in voice-enabled devices. 

You can enable the skill here: Creative Brief.

With all the events in the last year and a half, that was years ago in internet time. A lot of events personally and globally have taken place since that previous post. I have had several different positions in the different companies. I had a role as Vice President and eventually President of AAF Colorado Springs during Covid 19. I was a significant member of the American Advertising Awards Gala’s and online presentations for several years. I completed a Fullstack Javascript Bootcamp centered around developing for the MERN stack. I got certified as a Unity XR Developer doing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Experiences. I’m over 40 with a TikTok account – check it here.

Live or die on how you handle the humble pie.

That’s dramatic. Five times I have tried to set out on my own doing freelance work. All with subtle and significant failures and setbacks. So much so that I finally decided to leave my home of 21 years in Colorado Springs and venture to a smaller town in Southern Missouri called Cape Girardeau. However, I didn’t spin a globe and decided to move wherever it stopped under my finger. It was a decision I made, being the largest town closest to my extended family. The pandemic gave me perspective and reframed my priorities.

The idea was to take what I currently know and start over from scratch in a region where I don’t know anyone. That’s the humble pie. I was starting to do the work of pitching my job, going into more networking events, and restarting my blog. Finally, deciding to try to niche down on my content and product offerings.

We’ll see how that goes, though.

My plans with this space and social media are content centered around what I do and my interests.

Those interests are:

  • Technical tutorials for UI/UX Designers
  • UI/UX and Digital Product Design observations
  • Development observations around Bootstrap, Javascript, React, React Native, etc.
  • XR Development Tutorials, specifically WebXR (it’s coming, and it’s going to be good)
  • Digital Product Prototyping
  • Etc.

Who cares, right?

I have been in this industry since the ‘2000s internet bust. I have won awards, I’m still making cool stuff, designing, and coding, and I haven’t shared any of that knowledge with the web. I finally think it’s time to put it out there and see what happens. Like my life, I’m starting somewhat from scratch but in a region that I’m familiar with. Starting is scary, but at least the pie is a flavor I enjoy.

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