How do you feel about industry awards?

by | Jan 2, 2017 | Blog, Flash Brief, Observations

So, it’s advertising industry awards season again. Some agencies choose not to participate, while others go all in year after year. I have heard all sides of why they are essential or that they don’t mean anything. Often, non-winners were stating, “Well, what did you do today?”. (I basked in the glow of my newly polished awards, joking of course) Some balk with the thoughts of what was the return on investment for the client, etc. I am not here to debate what I consider valid questions like that, more to talk about what I think they provide.

I have often been in the camp of submitting a what I think are a few decent pieces a year. I keep my fingers crossed that a more massive agency didn’t drop their most significant client’s full campaign into all the categories. Sometimes they do, and it’s a reminder of why a more larger firm has been so successful. Other times I got what I consider lucky, or in some situations, very lucky.

As most in the advertising industry know, an award-winning project can take months or even years of planning, meetings, revisions, key player turnover, and any other thing that can throw a wrench in the spokes.

A few things to note with great creative work. Most award-winning creative takes a team. No individual did the entire project from top to bottom. It requires the ability to create healthy relationships with your clients to build trust as well.

Additionally, there are few reasons I think participating in awards can be substantial for individuals, agencies, and clients.

Peer Chatter

Win or lose, you played, and that garners respect from others that are doing the same thing.

Team Comradery

You’re close with your creative team, why not tempt fate, and win one for the team. Another aspect to consider it makes a great nightcap to reflect on the year and bring your team together to look forward to doing it again.

Resume Booster

As an individual, it shows that you can be a team player that can get a job done on next level work. Also, having experience in what type of work can be expected in that kind of environment.

Savor the Victories

You can look back and know you were recognized for the work you spent part of your life creating. These awards aren’t easy to win. You can relish the fact that others were competing to the best of their abilities to win too.

All in all, it is exciting to come together and celebrate great work in your city or region knowing what it takes to create it. Even if you don’t win, give hugs, throw high-fives, shake hands, and congratulate others. If we work hard enough, we will get to do it again next year!

Matt Andrews

Matt Andrews


I am the owner of CarbonBased Creative. I’m a freelance creative technologist and developer focused on building businesses.



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