Professional Haircut

What I learned about hiring professionals by cutting my own hair

This weekend I had the brilliant idea to cut my hair myself in the mirror. I looked at my problems with my hair maintenance and thought, if I can do this myself, it would save me time and money.

So, you’re probably thinking from the title that it didn’t go so well. While that is true, I was able to turn this into a business-related lesson.

About three buzzes in, I knew I was too deep into it to turn back.

Let’s break down the psychology of a haircut. 

Your hair is a significant player in how you are perceived when meeting or communicating in person with people.

It is a part of your unique brand (you). It can convey modern, classic, edgy, or funky styling. It can give us a window into your personality.

A Hairstyle also can provide creditability to your character. Is it neat, is it clean, is it managed well?

When your hair is on point, it can convey confidence.

Put this scenario in the context of your business and all the visual collateral you use to send your message to your market — business cards, flyers, email, Facebook Ads, and your Website, to name a few.

Have you tried to “cut your hair”?

What I learned trying it myself is that it will cost more to fix it.

I spent time to do it myself. Now, I will have to spend time/money to fix it. Ultimately, time and money were the problems I was trying to solve. Now, I have managed to double it.

Some of the mistakes will have to wait until my hair grows out to fix. That is a delay. Again, more time I wasted.

If I had hired a professional in the first place, it would have been a minor time delay and slightly more cost upfront. I would have had a great haircut and no worries about my brand or creditability.

This story is just a pleasant reminder to think twice about going DIY when working with the credibility and overall brand of your business.

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