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12-16-16 Weekly Round-Up

Today, I am starting to bring you content from my various sources around the web. As a web professional, I get heaps of stories, tutorials, and questions directed towards me. This post is an attempt to provide some insights on what are the most interesting that I have come across.

Add a Spotify Playlist to your WordPress site

This link something I came across trying to troubleshoot issues placing a playlist in a sidebar widget.

New and helpful WordPress plugins

New and useful WordPress plugins come out every single day. It is a good idea to take a look around and see if there is one that exists that solves a problem you currently have. From this link, I think File Manager looks interesting.

Single Task like your life and work depended on it

Trying to multitask from day-to-day can scramble the work you are trying to get completed.

Overview of new things in Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 is out and some modern updates.

Are you only as good as your last two years?

Good question … growing older in the tech industry.

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